Kinky pixie cam

In a bid to boost record sales, the Mama Do pop starlet has even employed a rather dashing co-star – her real-life boyfriend.

And despite many of her fans still playing with Loom bracelets, the 23-year-old can be seen rolling around with model Oliver Cheshire.

This year, my four daughters and I decided to quit straightening our hair and go back to our natural curly textures.

But even though they've never relaxed their hair, it was difficult to get our natural curls to thrive and mirror the many photos we see online.

My hair is very thick and long so my scoop has to be Cover your hair with a shower cap. Applying heat will open the cuticle of each strand so the coconut oil hair treatment can penetrate the core faster.

There is then some obligatory passion in a pool with the duo both sopping wet in their clothes.The struggle was real; but we were up to the challenge.And after a lot of research on how to get our curls back, we are starting to really like what we see!The action kicks off with the pair running through a hotel restaurant, cheekily grabbing cookies from leftover dinners.Some arty shots of Pixie looking pained, loved-up and constipated then ensue before security guards come charging on the rampage.

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