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the article also claims that it's based on the "definitive published source of reference", the MBTI (A guide to the development and use of the Myers Briggs type indicator), by one of the originators of the test and others.

Attitudes: Extraversion (E) / Introversion (I) The preferences for Extraversion (thus spelled in Myers-Briggs jargon) and Introversion are sometimes referred to as attitudes.

The snow may be gone, but there is a blizzard of summer fun happening in ski mountain towns across the country.

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For further information on quaking aspen response to fire, see the other Fire Case Studies in this species summary.

FIRE MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS : Prescribed fire is recommended for quaking aspen [2,25,123,143].

Gruell and Loope [69] found that in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, quaking aspen stands begin to deteriorate after about 80 years.

Houston [80] stated in 1973 that quaking aspen in Yellowstone National Park were primarily large trees ranging from 75 to 120 years of age. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Intermountain Research Station.

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