Patent dating chart

If a technical specification for any of these patents was found, then its text was transcribed in full and engravings were made of any drawings.

If no specification was found, then just the details of the grant recorded in the Patent Rolls were transcribed.

The numbered sequence runs from GB1 of 1617 to GB14359 of September 1852.

What a patent does not do is give the owner an automatic right to use the invention.

For a visual representation of a flow for determining the effective filing date, please see the effective filing date flowchart. Cited art with a date after the effective filing date of the present application is not prior art with respect to the present application. Determining Priority Now that the effective filing date of the present application has been determined, the date should be compared to the date of the cited art.

It is important to note that the effective filing date may differ from the actual filing date of the present application. This excludes, for example, non-PCT foreign patent documents from providing an effective filing date to an application. The priority requirements for each of these sections is discussed below.

In other words, the effective filing date of an application is the earliest of: (1) The date on which the application was filed if there is no priority document or the only priority document is a non-PCT foreign patent document; or (2) The earliest filing date in a line of continuation or divisional applications to which the present application claims priority; or (3) If subject matter was not originally present in a parent application, the subject matter only receives the effective filing date of the application in which it was first added (note that this may be a provisional application); or (4) The date on which a provisional application for which claimed subject matter is supported was filed. § 102(a), (b) and/or (e) in making art-based rejections.

While it may be possible to defeat a cited art document under 35 U.

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