Bind dynamic updating zone records

The first thing to do is read the man page of nsupdate.It is well-written with common examples of usage at the end, but the version that is commonly distributed with BIND version 9.x (in Debian etch and Su SE at least) is a bit broken.I have been building a lot of DNS applications lately and found a great need for a new PHP simple dynamic DNS update application.My solution was ADNUT or the Automatic Domain Name Update Tool.In case you use public addresses, you want your DNS to forward that information to public DNS servers.To configure this, just delete the line notify no;.The option notify no stops named (the DNS daemon) from forwarding information about the local network to external DNS servers.

If you’ve done that changes we are finished from the BIND configuration. The ” update-static-leases on;” is very important for PC1.This is a good idea if the update requests are potentially longer than 512 bytes, which is often the case.The second option "-k" is to specify where the encryption key files are to be found.DDNS is handy if you have a DNS Server in your local network that should be able to resolve the names of your local PCs.This information should not be forwarded to outside your network, unless you use public IP addresses.

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