Diablo 3 updating setup files error

This error often happens when the process gets separated from the Diablo III processes.

The *easiest* way to reset what's happening is to reboot...

However, this does not seem to have any particular consequences, except that Blizzard's servers will be busy.

Errors 81, 82 or 84 displays: "The client does not match the accounts native language.

Though the downloader may show 100%, please allow some time for it to fully complete.

As thousands struggle to play Diablo 3 and servers buckle under the strain, Blizzard has explained the various error messages players are receiving as they attempt to log-in - and offered advice on how to deal with them.Blizzard has advised players receiving this message to make sure they choose the correct region when starting the game.Blizzard's advice in full: "If your installation disc has been ejected, please reinsert and try again.Forgot Secret Question or Answer What you need to provide for Customer Support to reset your secret question or answer Forgot Password Cannot remember Blizzard password and want to reset it.I have been seeing reports that players are having issues running Diablo III by clicking the game client's icon in the Diablo III folder, and after having experienced the same by testing on my installation, I have determined the cause and found a series of steps that will resolve this issue for you and allow you to once again use the Diablo III icon to launch your game as you did prior to this patch:1) Navigate to the folder containing the Diablo 3 game executable and the Diablo 3 Launcher.2) Delete the file Diablo III Launcher (move to trash via CMD-Delete/Backspace).3) Run the Blizzard Desktop App.

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