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“We're just going to leave [the statues] as they are.

We don't have to cover up anything because it is our culture,” Dewa Mahendra said, adding that statues were “cultural creations.” According to Mahendra, Salman's entourage had not asked for any statues to be covered.

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The unblocked pictures will be saved in the special gallery.

Aprovechando nuestro volumen de operaciones, entregamos a nuestros clientes soluciones con excelente relación COSTO - BENEFICIO; con el respaldo y certificación técnica de los fabricantes.

Javanese artist Aricadia is largely a self-taught painter, though at first his brother Jun Hai taught him to paint about nature.

Nowadays Aricadia does not really care for adopting a particular painting style or technique.

He is most concerned about transferring his creativity through his eyes and soul. I believe colors reflect the variety of life," exclaims the confident artist.

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