What invalidating breast cancer gene patents implies Sexxy minks chatcam

In a radio program yesterday on KPBS, technology journalist David Wagner asked about the possible effects of the ruling on San Diego's vibrant biotech industry. He quotes Joe Panetta, president of the San Diego trade group BIOCOM: "I think biotech in San Diego isn't particularly surprised by the ruling.

I don't think there was any expectation that it was going to be anything different and that there would be any significant negative impact as a result." patentable.

The use of gene patenting to patent a biological invention has gradually become a common process in the United States, such as Rice Tec’s genetically modified hybrid rice.

In many ways, that issue is at the center of the policy debate surrounding Sweet’s opinion and, more generally, the appropriateness of certain biotechnology patents.Your doctor would like to conduct research on your DNA but you must pay ,900 for the test because research institute Myriad Genetics has patented the breast cancer gene in your body.This is the dilemma that quite a few patients with breast cancer mutations face in the medical world.Should the Supreme Court allow for companies to patent genes?In terms of fairness and power, is it ethical to patent the human body?

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