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"Men of all ages and backgrounds commonly recalled periods when they experienced some form of mental breakdown." Khat, a leaf that is chewed for several hours, has become a "social epidemic," said Said Mohamed, one of the researchers. "Men feel useless." After the collapse of Barre's government, which was the country's major employer, many Somali men lost their jobs, causing a "personal catastrophe for many men, from which many have not recovered," the report said.

Those living as refugees in Kenya are legally barred from working or leaving the camps, and depend on aid agency rations given to their wives.

Is the situation in which people tend to believe that only people from their backgrounds are suitable for certain types jobs or conditions that p Continue reading ...

Many Kenyan writers are encountering a lot of problems in their daily lives as they cannot write to the international standards required for good essay writing.

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I love going out, meeting new people watching movies,going shopping ,traviling and i can speak english and abite of french.. And also who is coming from the countries sorrounding malawi including south africa. I'm Thomas from Ghana,i'm looking for good caring friends to communicate with all over the world. Am looking for a female partner or pen pal interested in various cultures of life. I wouldn't mind if the relationship leads to a life time committment!The disruption of unity has made a lot of projects and slows down the economic progress of the country.It is therefore important for one to discover the importance of staying in unity with one another.A US court on March 31, 2017 sentenced two women to more than a decade in prison for financing Al-Shabaab in Kenya and Somalia.FILE PHOTO | AFP Their defence attorney had argued before the court that the women should not be be criminally prosecuted based solely on their advocacy for Al-Shabaab saying it is a freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment.

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